28 Passenger Minibus

Our 28 passenger deluxe mini-coach has all the bells and whistles to give your passengers a comfortable ride wherever they go. With all the great features this bus has, you can take it anywhere in the state and enjoy a comfortable ride.  This bus is a great option for 14 to 28 passengers. This deluxe mini-coach is often used for transportation services within neighborhoods or downtown Birmingham because it can easily maneuver the narrow roads and congested city streets. Whether your a corporate group, bridal party or company needing a shuttle from remote parking this bus is the perfect fit.  Stylish and economical is what makes this bus a hot seller!

  • Deluxe Minicoach
  • 28 passenger minibus with premium vinyl seats
  • AM/FM radio, IPOD Auxiliary, and CD Player
  • Bus is equipped with Seat Belts
  • Luggage Racks for Storage 
  • Reclining seats and seat sliders


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